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Live in Ortona

Ortona a Mare is a beautiful town located on a promontory about 70 meters above Adriatic sea level, with a fantastic walk (Passeggiata Orientale) from which you can admire a unique panorama. Ortona is a quiet town with a fantastic healthy air and that, during the summer, becams the ideal destinaion for those who want to spend peaceful and relaxing holidays expecially thanks to its enviable and strategic geographical position, on the sea, but far from the ski slopes about 50 km (more or less a ‘drive time).

Organized and well connected, it is only 25 km from Pescara Abruzzo Airport (about 30 minutes); and only 4 Km from the Ortona motorway exit. From the city center, are also available  means of transport which allow to arrive to Rome, reachable by train or bus.

A growing number of people choose to move to our Ortona, which in addition to being famous for the number of ultracentenarians, boasts an enviable level of livability. From this point of view, Ortona can be defined as an alive and beautiful town, always careful to the needs of its inhabitants, that still lead a human-sized lifestyle.

Here are 10 good reasons to decide to buy or rent an house in Ortona or simply visit it:

  1. The Ortonese cuisine, a happy marriage between the products of the sea and those of the earth.
  2. Its history: Ortona is a town inhabited since the Bronze Age (1400 years BC), as a seaside village and then developed itself into a commercial and tourist port.
  3. The coast, full of wide and sandy beaches with bathing facilities, and pristine bays.
  4. The monuments and historic palaces, such as the Cathedral of San Tommaso, which houses the remains of the Apostle Thomas from September 6, 1258.
  5. The Aragonese Castle, an imposing structure that had the aim to defend the city of Ortona, commissioned by King Alfonso of Aragon, around 1452.
  6. The Palazzo Farnese that is located a long the Passaggiata Orientale walk, commissioned by the duchess Margherita D’Austria.
  7. The “Francesco Paolo Tosti” which takes the name of a famous composer of romances born in Ortona, who lived between our town, the Court of England and Rome, between the end of the 1800s and the early 1900s and many other monuments and historic buildings.
  8. The countryside surrounding Ortona, full of vineyards which produce an excellent wine, of old homestades to restore and of new isolated buildings from which you can admire the mountains and the sea.
  9. La Festa del Perdono: a religious and civil recurrence that takes places the first Sunday of May. It is dedicated to the Apostle Thomas, protector of the city. During the days of festivity, many inhabitants of the neighboring cities and many citizens of Ortona residing abroad, arrive here to attend the interesting historical procession in which the keys to open the urn containing the bones of the cathedral are brought to the Cathedral.
  10. Because once you have seen it you will love it.

The Trabocchi Coast

The Trabocchi coast is an  enchanding sterch of coast where time seems to be stopped. A coastline with a jagged profile that twists and turns in bays, sheere rocks, promontories and high cliffs and that, in some streghe, reminds the barren coasts of Portugal, where it is not interrupted by the strange Trabocchi architecture.

A territory to discover  that includes, in it, 10 natural riserve and 6 municipalities that have gained the blue flag tanks to the high quality of their water and beaches: Fossacesia, Ortona, Rocca San Giovanni, San Salvo, San Vito Chietino and Vasto.

A placet to visit. A place to live in!